Introducing: The Man-Machine

Smartphone in a pocket, laptop on the desk, automation in the production hall - a user interface is always the intersection between man and machine. We believe that an intuitive interface with a strong design language can turn a good idea into a great product.

Good boys.

We are problem solvers, lateral thinkers and detail-loving digital acrobats with more than ten years of good experience in agencies, printing and media industry.

Bernhard Seltmann

Bernhard Paul Seltmann
Cover: Gregs Tagebuch – Folge 1: Von Idioten umzingelt!

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Gregs Tagebuch
Folge 1: Von Idioten umzingelt!
Marijan Barkic

Marijan Sven Barkic


We are open.

We like new challenges and open words. We know what we are good at and where we need help. In any case, we are ingenuous. No velvet gloves.

We cook fresh.

With us there is nothing off the shelf, no templates and no ready-made solutions that fit just about. We do not want a standard but a unique product.

We dig deep.

First listen, then talk. We ask the right questions for enlightening answers, because nothing is worse than developing the right solution for the wrong problem.

We connect.

Not our cup of tea? We know the right technologies and the best partners. We hold the strings together and are contact person, architect and design expertise.

It’s a match?

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